A Chinese company is planning a crowdfunded launch of an android micro-console with an unoriginal design. Knock-off Chinese android devices are nothing new. What’s significant this time is an over-the-top blatant cloning of both PS4 and Xbox. The mock-up design for the console is a direct copy of the PS4, and the gamepad is pretty close to the Xbox One controller. And it’s called the OUYE, with an -E!

The reported specs are pretty good for an android tv box. Its 8x Octa-core Allwinner A80 System, with a  PowerVR G6230 GPU, makes it more powerful than other cheaper boxes. Its 2 GB RAM and 16 GB storage is pretty standard. At the planned $70 USD for the console and gamepad, that’s not bad.

I can’t get over the name. OUYE? That name only makes sense as a ridiculous rip-off of the OUYA, but why rip-off the OUYA brand at this point? The company that acquired OUYA, Razer, doesn’t even seem interested in using the brand. Are consumers supposed to confuse it with a product they haven’t heard of and didn’t want to buy either? OUYE is just left with a confusing brand name nobody knows how to pronounce.

I’d love to see more Android microconsoles with media buzz… but this probably isn’t the way to get noticed.