Perhaps OUYA was billed too quickly as a disruptive microconsole up against real game consoles it could never compete with. Perhaps OUYA stuck with outdated hardware to focus on its custom software, only to fall short on both. Perhaps it just failed to gain traction with gamers. While it did capture the imagination of the original crowd-funders, hackers and indie  developers, even self-identified “indie gamers” I know were never interested.

Whatever the reason, the OUYA has ultimately failed to be a financial success. While there’s been no official announcement, it seems likely that gamer hardware company Razer has finally acquired the debt-ridden OUYA.

Earlier this year Razer released the Forge TV, becoming another competitor in the Android microconsole space. Although based on Android TV software, early Forge TV buyers were critical of many bugs and lack of tv streaming apps. It seems Razer could use help working on its software.

Is there a future for the OUYA brand with Razer? I’m not sure if the brand itself has much value, but neither does the Forge TV. OUYA does have a big collection of unique indie games in its Game Store I’d hate to see up in smoke. I do think Google’s Android TV Launcher interface is superior to OUYA’s, and Forge should stick with it for future consoles. The OUYA Game Store could integrate with Android TV as an content providing app. It’s hard for indie games to get noticed on Google Play, particularly on the still rusty Google Play for Android TV. A separate indie game ecosystem could survive. Particularly if it can get distributed on a wider range of devices.

What I’d like to see is OUYA continue as an indie game store and platform within Android TV.