A new handheld console from GamePad Digital is available for pre-sale at WillGoo for $159.99 USD. It has a 5 inch screen that opens similar to the Nintendo 3DS (without the 3D or secondary screen). I’m a big fan of the original design of GamePad Digital’s previous 5 inch portable, the GPD G5A. The closable 3DS design will make the device more portable, but it looks like the analog joysticks are smaller and more sunken.

The advertised specs are what you’d expect for a Chinese portable console in the $160 range. Its Rockchip RK3288 System-on-Chip (Quad-core Cortex A17 and Mali T764) was released last year, but with 2 GB of RAM that’s plenty to power classic emulated games. The screen resolution is a full HD, 1280 x 720. It has no bluetooth, but does have HDMI out (or I suspect Mini HDMI?). The HD output should make it usable as a tv box on the go.

The promotional images at WillGoo seem to falsely advertise the screen size. An italian review from elotrolado.net has photos of the GPD XD in use. It appears the visible screen size is smaller, as you would expect for the price range. Most classic games you’ll play won’t use the whole screen.


UPDATE – The WillGoo page now has accurate product photos and videos of the GPD XD in use.